Datenschutzbeauftragter as a Service - kostengünstig und flexibel anpassbar - DSBa-SMART+ Paket oder DSBa-SMART für die ganz kleinen.
Ideal für Praxisgemeinschaften, Labore, KMUs mit Niederlassungen oder Töchtern in Deutschland und alle Anderen, welche von Gesetzeswegen einen bestens zertifizierten und erfahrenen DSBa bestellen müssen - selbst wenn der Aufwand für diesen überschaubar bleibt.

Für alle, die noch nicht sicher sind, ob agiles Arbeiten das richtige für das eigene Unternehmen ist oder jene welche SCRUM bereits kennen und mal etwas Besonderes erleben wollen - und dabei vielleicht doch noch etwas lernen. Agile-Cooking - hinterläßt garantiert einen bleibenden Eindruck!

RedHammer Consulting


Good ideas are priceless! Not quite right, at RedHammer, they are almost cheap! Out of the box thinking and unconventional approaches are rooted in our projects - no, in our DNA. The success is guaranteed by the experience from different industries, experiences and multidisciplinarity, which always stands for different perspectives and inspiring confrontations.


GDPR with more than 2 years of experience | TÜV-certified data protection officer | Certified Data & IT-Security Expert | Certified data protection expert | More than 30 projects from very small businesses to DAX listed companies | A TÜV-certified data protection officer (DPO) as a monthly and affordable service from RedHammer. More GDPR experience - at this price - almost impossible!


Developed at Intel in the 1970s - Made popular by Google - Nowadays used by Adobe, Netflix, Capgemini, Linkedin, GoPro ..., it is THE framework for modern management nowadays. OKR plays out its strengths especially when its combined with agile project management methods, which is the reason why it is wide spreading at the moment. RedHammer shows WHY, and HOW. It's best to make an appointment now!


Bulky content, presented in an understandable and visually appealing way, peppered with emotion and presented in an entertaining way. Turn the annoying duty into a moment that generates a feast for the eyes and ears. A moment that remains in memory and is the impetus to roll up for the sleeve and tackle it. This is keynote-speaking for DSGVO, digitalization, agile work or IT security from RedHammer Consulting. A taste ?


Story telling was already essential when we where living in caves. Thats the way how knowledge was passed on that also lasted. The big companies of our time, of course, know that. Nothing works today without a good story supporting it. We, would do well to tell our stories, which compared to classic fact-based forms of advertising, are simply better memorizeable. Nothing is better then a good story loaded with emotions. That's human ;)


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Known for around 50 years. In times in which digitalization is penetrating all corners of the world and the competition between established and hungry young companies is gaining momentum, many established ones are failing because of their own culture. Change is necessary to enable agile structures, to implement new regulations efficiently and to be prepared for the future.


Link zum Zertifikat - Certified Digital Consultant

KMU-Digital subsidized consulting
on the subject of digitisation

Link zum Zertifikat - Certified Data & IT Security Expert

KMU-Digital subsidized consulting
on the subject of data & IT-security

Link zum Zertifikat - Geprüfter Datenschutz Experte

Confirmation of data protection (GDPR / DPO) Expert knowledge

Link zum Zertifika - TÜV-Zertifizierter Datenschutzbeauftragter

Data protection officer (DPO) of course with TÜV certificate


125 per hour
  • 1 hour (standard hourly rate)
3900 per week
  • 40 hours (only prepaid)


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To a GDPR expert, data protection is of course a special request.

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